Our Story


I grew up a city boy and in a Christian family. I accepted Christ as a young child, and felt called to ministry very early on. In college I studied Youth Ministry and Counseling, and have been involved in Youth Ministry, mostly on a volunteer basis, for over 15 years now. My passion is to help those who are hurting and to share the love of God & the hope & peace that can only be found in a relationship with Him. I have also in recent years discovered a real passion for flying - particularly in small airplanes. Combine those 2 passions with the fact that I studied 10 years of foreign language in school, and it's clear that God has prepared and equipped me for ministry in missionary aviation.


I grew up in Amish Country (no I am not Amish - I've lost count how many times I've been asked that), and was raised in a Christian family. I was home-schooled most of my school years. At the time I didn't enjoy it, but looking back, I feel it was the best thing my parents could have done for me. I accepted Christ at summer camp when I was 12. In High School, I spent one summer on a missions trip, and during that trip felt a strong call in missions. Through working with the Youth Ministry at our church, I've found that I have a real heart for young girls. I'm excited to see where & how God will use me both now and on the mission field.


When I (Jason) was in high school, my father (who at the time was a truck driver) felt called to go into full-time ministry as a church pastor. So after receiving his degree from Grace Seminary, our family ended up at a small church in rural Millersburg, Ohio. This was the same church that Anita's family had been going to for many years. Moving to this heavily agricultural area was a big change for someone who grew up in the city. But this was where I met my bride-to-be. Oddly enough, my first impression of her was that she was goofy and immature, and her first impression of me was that I was goofy looking (I was a college freshman at the time - need I say more?). Thank goodness first impressions don't last forever because we are perfect for each other. We've been married now for 13 years and have 4 amazing kids (although Anita says she has 5 - counting me).