Friday, February 28, 2014

God's timing

Have you ever noticed how God’s timing is often quite different than our timing? 
For example - more than once in the past year, we’ve pondered “why didn’t God call us to be missionaries earlier?”  While we don’t know the full answer to that, we feel that part of it was because we weren’t ready yet.  While some of the tools that are used in ministry come from books or classes – a lot of the tools come from life experiences.  God was still taking us through those experiences to grow & mature us.

And here we are once again with God’s timing causing us to “scratch our heads.”  In our support raising, we are currently at 33% of our goal, and we cannot start full–time service / training at MMS Aviation until we are at 100%.  And yet earlier this week, I just put up a “House For Sale By Owner” sign at the end of our drive.  We are currently renting the place in which we live, and the landlord has decided that it is time for them to sell the house.  We knew that we’ll be moving closer to MMS Aviation when we start serving there, but this means that we’ll be moving down there before we’re even ready to start.

This is not to say anything negative about our landlords – they have been great folks to rent from, and the house has been an amazing place to live.  We know that this is all in the Lord’s timing, and we know that He will provide a new place for us to live once this house sells.  It’s just amazing to us that in His timing, He waited until after we’ve been married 13 years to call us into missions, and now that we’re on that track, things are happening so quickly that our heads are spinning!

But that’s good that things are happening quickly.  We are eager to begin service at MMS.  We are eager to see how He uses us, and how He grows us while we’re serving at MMS.  We are eager to see where God takes us after our 30 months at MMS.  Sometimes, following God’s will is like riding a roller coaster – you’re not sure what lies beyond that next hill or curve, but you can be sure that it’ll be exciting.

If God is leading you to help make it possible for us to serve at MMS Aviation, there’s a “Donate Online” link at the top of this page (just be sure to select "I prefer to give to Missionary Support" and then select our name).  Your involvement will enable us to live a bold, visible testimony of faith in Jesus Christ, the power of the Holy Spirit, and the truth of God’s word while ministering locally and globally.  Your involvement will enable you to become a primary partner in missionary aviation, play a vital role in the day-to-day operation of reaching the lost through aviation, and further the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the use of airplanes.