Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Flight Time

Recently, I had the opportunity to go flying with a new friend of ours from MMS Aviation - Ben Fisher.  He just finished up his apprenticeship at MMS, but is still serving there whilst he finalizes details with the organization where he will next be serving.  The cool thing is that Ben is a certified flight instructor, so I'm able to learn a few things from him while he is still in the area.  Here's a few pics of our recent flight with him:

Pre-Flight Inspection

In-Flight Pics

 Keim Lumber - where I work for a couple more months

After the Flight

Corban (my oldest son) was the cameraman

Every time I get to fly in a small "bush" airplane, I fall more and more in love with flying.  Granted, this love for flying will never supersede my love for God and my family, but it ranks pretty high.  I believe that our passions / skills are one of the ways we can determine God's will for our lives, and this passion for flying combined with our passion for ministry, heart for Africa, and my skill in the French language are what has led us to the point where we know God is calling us to serve in missionary aviation in Africa.  It's a giant step of faith to follow this path God that is leading us on; but after MUCH time in prayer, searching God's Word, and consulting with fellow believers & family, we have come to the conclusion that this is indeed where God is directing us.  Please keep us in prayer as we continue to raise prayer & financial support to begin serving at MMS Aviation.  Thanks!