Wednesday, August 13, 2014

We're Moving!

Here's the short story - we're moving this weekend.

Now the long story (where you can see God at work).  For almost half a year, we have been planning to move sometime this summer.  Our motivation is that we anticipate we'll be at 100% of our ministry support level sometime around the end of this year, and so I (Jason) will start serving at MMS Aviation soon.  We really didn't want to have the kids change schools in the midst of the school year and so we planned to move during summer break.

As we'll be in the Coshocton, OH area for only 3 years, we felt it would best to rent (rather than buy) a house.  We really thought for a couple months that we had a place lined up to move into.  Another family, who'd just finished their time at MMS Aviation, was renting a house that would suit our needs, and they were moving to Florida at the beginning of July.  Perfect timing!  But then when we went to meet with the landlord about signing a lease, things didn't work out and we were devastated.

Then in God's awesome timing, we were contacted only 1 hour later by a family who supports MMS Aviation.  They heard about us through a friend-of-a-friend and told us that they had a place we could rent!  Our jaws just dropped because that was no coincidence - that was God at work.  AND the house met our needs so much better than the house we had originally lined up.

The only problem was that we had to be out of our current house by mid August, and this new prospective house wasn't available until mid-September.  So we had a 5 week gap we needed to fill.  No worries - we knew of a fully furnished 2 bedroom house that we could squish into for that short of a time.  So we had that all scheduled and then just last Thursday (mind you, only 9 days until moving day), we found out that things weren't going to work out for that and were again devastated.

Then in God's awesome timing, we were contacted the very next day by a family who is currently serving at MMS Aviation.  They told us that they have a 2 bedroom furnished apartment in their basement that we could live in for that 5 week gap.  Again, our jaws just dropped because we saw God actively at work again.

We're reminded of the verse in Philippians 4:19 where Paul says "And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus."  We have seen God do that over and over again, and though it really shouldn't surprise us when He does that, we are constantly blown away by His goodness and provision.