Thursday, October 12, 2017

Africa, here we come!

Today is the day!  Anita and I are departing this morning for Kenya, Africa.  We are traveling to the capital city of Nairobi to spend some time serving with AIM Air - a missionary aviation ministry.  We are excited to spend some time helping with the ministry, and also evaluating whether this is a place where God would have our whole family serve for the long-term.  To be honest, we have a whole mix of emotions right now - excited, nervous, curious, eager, tired, hopeful, and more.  Neither one of us have been to Kenya before, but we have both done international traveling before.  The big difference is that Kenya is 26 hours of travel away, and a 7 hour time shift.  Major jet lag!  Please pray for safe travels and fruitful ministry while we are there.  Stay tuned for updates during our time as we should have internet access.